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I Prefer The Term Genetically Empowered

7 May 1999
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Name: X5-494 A.K.A "Alec"

Age: 22

Date Of Birth: 05/07/1999

Character Physical Description: Muscular physical frame, in excellent condition for combat. Height:6' 1". Weight: 178 lbs. Eye Color:Hazel Green. Hair Color: Dark Blonde. Genetic content is X5 specific.

Character Skills:
I.Q. 154
Weapons Training P90 Submachine Gun
M-9 Pistol
Colt M4
Kalashnikov Assault Rifle
Martial Arts Training Taekwondo (First degree black belt)
Krav Maga
Extraordinary martial arts proficiency
Additional Training METT-T
Special ops
Computer proficiency
Common Verbal Usage
Foreign language certifications: 7 primary, 5 secondary, plus 3 Middle Eastern tribal dialects
Pilot certification: Cessna, B-52, BlackHawk helicopter, Falcon fighter jet
Ideal for deep cover operations
(Above information courtesy of X5-494 Genetically Empowered website. Believed to be accurate.)

Character Personality Description: Alec was named by Max in reference to "Smart Alec". He is sarcastic, egotistical, and is always looking out for himself before anyone else. He does have care and concern for certain people, though he rarely lets himself get close enough to form personal attachments. He's always looking for a way to make fast cash, and morals are not an issue when it comes to doing so. He can be very charming, funny, and even compassionate at times. However he is first and foremost a soldier.

Brief History: Considered one of Manticore's most valuble operatives, X5-494 was often sent on deep cover missions, nearly always resulting in success. One memorable exception was the Berrisford mission, where he fell in love with Rachel Berrisford, and in an attempt to thwart the death of her and her father, Mr. Berrisford and Rachel were believed dead, when both were alive. However she was critically injured, and in a coma, until her actual death less than a year after Manticore was taken down.
The destruction of Manticore was very frustratating and confusing for Alec, as it was the only life he had ever known. But once he began to adjust to life as a free man, he not only accepted it, but joined Max and the fellow transgenics to secure their freedom, which he is currently occupied doing.

Other Notes: He is the clone of X5-493 A.K.A "Ben", now deceased. Ben turned psychotic, murdering several people. This resulting in months of observation at psy ops for Alec to be certain this mental anomoly was not part of his genetic makeup, and it was concluded that Ben was a singular incident. However due to the fact that Alec and Ben share exact DNA, when the families of some of Ben's victims identified Alec, with a precise DNA match, he was taken into custody for Ben's crimes. However with the help of Max and Logan, the authorites now believe he was a twin that was out of the country at the time, and has been cleared of all charges.

Disclaimer: This journal is part of the abrokenworld community and I am not making any money from this nor am I claiming to own Alec or be Jensen Ackles.

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